The Chronicles

I've been blog-lovin since I first studied abroad in China in 2008, but the truth is I've blogged since I was in 8th grade! I didn't realize it at the time, but I sure loved posting my thoughts on the internet, and even created my own website to do so. Over time, I've become more selective in what I post, not just rants about my insignificant teenage problems. Here is a look back at the development of The Chaos Chronicles, circa 2008.

Chaos EXPOSED, July 2010 - Present
This blog was initially created as Chaos EXPOsed, dedicated to my experiences at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo - and this I did. But now, the Expo ceases to exist and I believe writing about the happenings in my life truly exposes the person that I am, ergo I stuck with the name. You will be able to walk, or run (raft, skydive, etc...) through my life with me. Exciting, yeah?

Chaos of Gotham, Dec 2009 - July 2010
After graduating early from Smith, I packed up my bags and hit the Big Apple. This was probably my most exciting blog to read (so I've been told) as well as write. I met innumerable celebrities, attended a few movie premieres, made the greatest friends, and had the time of my life. Gotham lived up to its name; it was pure chaos.

Chaos in Chinese, August 2008 - June 2009
This was my first long-term abroad adventure. Not only does this blog document what I learned in Beijing and Shanghai, but you can follow my adventures along the Silk Road from Beijing all the way to Urumqi and then down from Shanghai to Xishuangbanna. In this blog you will realize how eye opening the world can really be.

Prior to the awakening of my true blogger spirit, I dabbled in some silly blog named Xanga - Yeah, remember those days? Thank goodness those days are behind me.