I Need a Vacation!

Wow! It's been almost a month since I last posted. I didn't realize time could fly by so quickly. Well maybe I did, but I didn't realize that while working in the corporate world, time could fly this quickly. This past month has been more stressful than any month in my "real world" life. Since my induction into Cisco, the most challenging aspect of my position was to recruit interns! Two weeks before intern orientation, I was given two more job descriptions for summer internships. Two weeks! It takes two weeks to on-board them into the system! These two positions were the fastest positions I had filled - with a 1.5 week turnaround! Yep, I sure am proud of myself.

As for my other positions, they're kind of floating around in recruiter outer-space. I'm really eager to fill my Beijing position, because it means the sooner I get to go back to China! However, on the topic of China, I recently visited a Chinese reflexology specialist (who used to be a western doctor) and she said that China's street food messed up my intestines, mainly because the oil used in street food is "refined sewer oil". WHAT?! Gross! No wonder I was feeling pretty sick at the end of my stay in Shanghai. Also, I've lost about 15 pounds since I've moved home! So now I know why China's food made me gain 20 pounds both times I lived there. Now I only have 10 more pounds to go and I'll be "back to my normal self".

Electric guitar has been going well too. I have finally completed my first challenge - playing an ACDC song! Highway to Hell! Now I know I'm rockin' out when I can play ACDC! But, it'll be a year down the road before I feel comfortable posting any video of me playing guitar.

Hockey has been amazing! My team's record is 4 wins, 1 loss, 2 ties and this is our first season in the higher league, so its a pretty good record if I say so myself. I have yet to score, but I'm starting to feel more comfortable on the ice since it had been a year since I last played hockey (and dislocated my shoulder). I've gotten pretty lazy outside of hockey though. From 4 workouts a week to 0, hah! I'll get back to exercising this week, considering we're going to Hawaii in 12 days!

I am so ready for a vacation! Anyway, below are some new pics!

Office of Cisco's CEO.

TelePresence meeting @ Cisco.

One of my interns with the phones we use. Haha.

Our new 27" iMac! 

I have some other photos I haven't uploaded yet, but I guess you'll just have to wait until next time, which will probably be after Hawaii!