The Grind

Hello again!

It's been exactly a week since I've started my new job at Cisco, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! While I am an on-site recruiter at Cisco Systems headquarters in San Jose, CA, I actually work on behalf of The EXPERTS Bench (TEB) from Georgia. So, I am more or less a consultant at Cisco, which is good because if Cisco ever decides they no longer need a marketing recruiter, I am not out of a job. :)

My training manager flew out from Georgia for 24 hours to make sure I was set up at Cisco, checking computer updates, phone set up, etc... then she flew back home the next day. Everything I have been doing at work (training) has been remote. I couldn't have asked to be at a better location/company for remote training. Cisco's WebEx has come in quite handy and I believe that remote training is actually easier than "side-by-side" training. Both the training manager and myself can access the same files and not have to fight over the mouse, keyboard, screen. We can chat over the phone, where I use my handy-dandy wireless headset. I can walk all the way to the breakroom and still be connected to my phone call.

The only thing that's been quite difficult for me is waking up at 7! I always sleep in, and during the month before work, I was waking up at 10am and sometimes even noon! Now, I have to force myself to sleep early otherwise I'll feel drained the entire day. I'm glad that we have a coffee and espresso machine, in case I do find it hard to make it through the day.

My coworkers at TEB are amazing, or so they are over the phone. And I'm extremely happy how amicable my Cisco coworkers are. This is a complete 180 from life in Shanghai. My coworkers at Moet Hennessy rarely spoke to me, and sometimes would sneer at me if I asked them a work-related question. I had forgotten how open and welcoming the American culture is! Last Friday, I contributed a few hours towards folding paper cranes for Cisco Japan, an idea spurred from one of my coworkers. During the origami bonanza, I met several marketing managers, and a few Marketing VPs. All were glad to have me on board and spending my after hours volunteering for the project.

Our 1,000 cranes, to be sent to Cisco Japan this week.

Funny thing is, all of them had visited the USA Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo! Cisco had their own pavilion at the Expo too, which is why they had all visited. What a small world!

Aside from work, my life has been pretty eventful. I started up my motorcycle again and finally learned how to change the oil and dewinterize the bike. So, I've ridden it a couple of times around town.

My first ride in California

I also started playing hockey again! My first game back in California was actually in the SHARK TANK! I was ecstatic considering I am a new addition to the Moose Hockey team !! My team's captain was able to get an hour of ice time at HP pavilion and we played on-ice right after the Sharks vs. Kings game. Although my team lost, we were all elated that we could sit in the Sharks bench, where their sweat and stank emanated from the seats. Haha.

At the Sharks vs Kings game right before my team got on the ice!

Lastly, I took up electric guitar lessons! The first song I learned was "it's been a while" by Staind. Not my favorite, but since I learned so quickly, I'm onto Baba O'reilly by The Who this week! I bought my (second) electric guitar, (since my Hello Kitty Fender was stolen from my old house...) and got a red candy-apple Fender and LOVE it! Pics will come later.

That's about it for now! Only my second week of work and I have Friday off! (I get Cisco and TEB holidays- woot for double holidays!)

Til next time-