Lazy Summer Days

I've gotten too lazy to write new posts. Either that, or life has been pretty boring around here. Summer has been absolutely beautiful, and my trip to Hawaii was nothing short of amazing. It was relaxing, and although it rained off and on, it was nice to spend relaxing time with my family. I got tan, learned how to surf, and ate my heart out. I think I wrote 40+ yelp reviews while I was there and surprisingly lost weight, haha. Photos below!

Some exciting news! I will be moving from Cisco to Oracle next month. My last day at Cisco is next Thursday and I'll have a two week break before starting work at Oracle. I'm the new Recruiting Program Manager, in college tech recruiting - and earned an office with a bay view & an assistant! It doesn't hurt that it's double the pay of my current job either! I hope that there is A LOT of travel, but I know there is at least SOME travel to the east coast. I'll definitely try to post after I begin my new job and show you some pics.

Also some great news, I've hit my new years resolution (for the first time?!). I have lost 25 pounds since returning from China. Unbelievable! Clothes that I was unable to fit in when I returned from China, are now falling off! Time to go shopping! It's sad, I had clothes CUSTOM MADE and I couldn't even fit in those! Now... all up for donation!

Now, I'm just anticipating my next vacation which is on August 23rd! I planned a last minute vacation to COSTA RICA! I'll be going "alone" with Gap Adventures. So, we start in San Jose and make a round trip through La Fortuna, Monte Verde, Quepos, then back. It'll be filled with white water rafting, canyoning/rappelling, ziplining, and more adventures. This 9 day trip will the ultimate precursor for my new job!

Hawaii Photos:

Green Sands Beach

Green Sands Beach

Black Sands Beach

Sea Turtles!

Kilauea Volcano